Sapindus Soapberry Soapnut 無患子Sapindus mukorossi 無患子Sadorfons® Sapindus Soapberry Soapnut 無患子 Phytosterol 植物固醇Sadorfons® Sustainable Ingredient Award  胜多棻Sapindus Sustainable Ingredient Award  Monde Selection

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REPAIR SCALP SPRAY, Natural Itchy Scalp Relief for hair loss, sensitive scalp, 30 ml
The Best on-the-go Skin Care Sets 3.5 g + 30ml
MIRACLE HAIR-REGAIN TREATMENT, Regrowth Serum Against Hair Loss, Receding Hairline and Baldness, 8 X 15ml (8weeks)
Best Herbal body lotion Nourishing Long-Lasting for Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin and Cracked Skin, 210 ml

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With 25 years devoting in eastern herbal business, yet started to cooperate with medical universities to focus on natural herbal studies from 2013, H & H Group was founded in 2015 because of great breakthroughs on sapindus mukorossi research. Introducing our findings and inventions to the publics with our brand - ÂGE D'OR – your better choice of personal daily care solutions.

Our core value is “Occidental knowledge as the fundamental structure supplemented by oriental learning for practical use”. All of our products contain Sadorfons®, a unique complex extracted from natural and organic Sapindus Mukorossi seed oil. Developed by our professional biomedical team, it can naturally and miraculously transform your skin and scalp, holistically rebuild a healthy foundation. Bring everyone back to their golden age with a balanced life.




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